Are you eligible for the NDIS?

First, we need to determine whether you are eligible for NDIS. This can be done online by reviewing the NDIS Access checklist.
A number of factors determine whether you are eligible to receive support under the NDIS.
If you are eligible, you may be eligible for an individual support plan

1. Are below 65 years old

2. You are an Australia citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen and you hold a Protected Special Category Visa

3. You have a significant and permanent disability that affects your daily life and requires assistance from others

4. Use assistive technology or equipment


Find out if you are eligible

Send us a message to let one of our customer service specialists assist you with any questions.

Are you a resident of Australia?

Yes. Yes. I reside in Australia, and I have either a Permanent or Special Category visa.

  • Australians who live here
  • Australian citizens
  • Permanent Visa Holders
  • Holders of Protected Special Categories Visas

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