Community Access and Spport

Whatever you want to do or achieve, from everyday activities to big life goals, we’ll work with you to open up new experiences and possibilities

What’s on your wish list?

Our Community Access and Support team helps people with disability starting from early childhood - 65 set and achieve their personal goals.

Making new friends. Taking up a sport or hobby. Socialising or volunteering. Pursuing further education, getting a job and building a career. Or just getting out and about, doing shopping and keeping appointments.

Whatever you have in mind, our experienced Support Workers will develop an evolving life plan with you and provide the friendly support you need to realise your goals, safely and enjoyably.


What’s the work of community access support service?

It is possible that you know someone who is having difficulties coping. This could be a member your faith group, sports team or social club. We are here to help you understand what to do when this happens, how to get support, and what you can do to stay healthy. To help your group learn more about mental illness, we can run activities.


Well-being and Mental Health

We do encounter terms every day, however, that we use to describe ourselves - such as ‘stressed,' 'angry,' 'anxious, ‘sad, or ‘sad. These feelings can be overwhelming and last for long periods. They may also be fueled by life events like relationship breakdown, debt, poor physical health, unemployment or trauma. It is important to seek the right advice and support to help you get through these difficult times.