Are you new to the NDIS ?

Perhaps you are new to the NDIS and have just begun exploring your options, but may have encountered acronyms, processes, or jargon you don't quite understand.

NDIS - What does that mean?

1. National : All states and territories are gradually introducing the NDIS.

2. Disability : The NDIS supports eligible persons with intellectual, physical and sensory disabilities. Eligible people with disabilities or children with developmental delay can receive early intervention support.

3. Insurance : All Australians have peace of mind knowing that if their child or loved one is diagnosed with a significant and permanent disability, the NDIS will provide support.

4. Scheme : The NDIS does not provide welfare. The NDIS was created to assist people in getting the support they require so that their skills and independence can improve.


Let's make it easier for you.

The NDIS is a new option for those with disabilities under 65 who want to receive specialized care and support for their wellbeing and health. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), oversees the scheme and grants funding to individuals with significant permanent disabilities

The NDIS provides information and connections for all persons with disabilities to services in their communities, such as doctors and sporting clubs, support groups, libraries, schools, and information about the support provided by each state or territory.


Key words for NDIS

1. Permanent and significant disability : Permanent disability can mean that your disability will last a lifetime. You may not be able to do everyday tasks due to a significant disability.

2. Services and support : Products or assistance that assist a person in their day to help them reach their goals and participate in the community.

3. Early intervention : Assisting a person as a child or adult as soon as possible in order to minimize the effects of disability or developmental delay, and to help them develop their skills and independence.

These booklets will assist communities in understanding and applying for the NDIS. They also feature artwork by Carol Beasley from the Barkly Region, one of the initial NDIS trial site.